Stories with values project

Stories are one of the best tools to transmit values to children.

The world of children’s teaching, aware of its educational advantages, has recently been developing this resource as a support for the training curricula of infant and primary courses.

The domestic family environment presents a great opportunity for the application of these same principles as an early support for the development of values and virtues.

The family, therefore, is the first school of social human virtues, which all societies need.

Gravissimum Educationis (Second Vatican Council)

The project “Stories with Values” aims to provide, under the model of the classic children’s story, guided materials to make the “story moment” a complete experience that allows to take advantage of this resource by accompanying the child in the reflection it arouses.

The stories are developed taking the classic elements of the story with some characteristic nuances:

  • Story: (i) Fantastic, imaginative and dreamy theme that arouses in the child the natural interest of learning from the amazement, combined with (ii) explanatory narrations of the theme treated. The story will be the main axis of the development of the events that will allow to articulate the events for the reflection.
  • Illustration: Detailed, expressive and focused on the action, attitudes and emotions of the characters. Attractive, with clear lines and a very personal style. Combination of vignettes with landscape and close-ups of context of characters and elements on a neutral background as an oscillation between the context and the event.
  • Typography: The linked letter is the one usually used in the initiation to the reading. In addition to the evident mechanistic benefit of reinforcing the learning of reading, it seeks to make the child a protagonist of the “story moment” (progressive incremental involvement as he learns to read)

Additionally, complementary material to the printed or electronic book is available on the web.

  • Resources for plastic activities: Coloring books with simplified illustrations of the story
  • Dialogue guide: The stories tell a story that is sometimes interpretable and open, allowing the child to make his or her own judgments. Through the dialogue guide, a series of themes are raised on which parents can provoke reflection, related to the development and construction of values and virtues.

The project “Stories with values” responds to a personal need (experienced in the field of raising 3 children) to develop specific content adapted and that I make available to those who may be interested from the humility of my amateur contribution.

I hope you enjoy them as much as we do!