Coloring book

Realistic horses coloring book

Learn the color gradient technique easily by using shade references.
Each sheet has marked the colors of the horse breed and the areas on which to apply the gradient.

The book contains sheets designed to be colored with alcohol markers and colored pencils.

The pencil sheets contain an overlap of the grayscale shades of the animal’s skin to be covered by applying the suggested colors.

The marker sheets contain an overlap of the grayscale tones of the animal’s skin and the lineart printed in mirror on the back. The grayscale image guides the coloring and when it goes through, it results in a clean color on the back.

The book allows both adults and children to learn the technique in a easy way.

Coloring book

Animals & Sports

Colouring with markers is a great sensory experience, especially with alcohol-based markers (Copics type). They allow you to color large sections with a homogeneous coverage, most come with 2 tip sizes (fine and thick) and allow for abundant ink marking without the need to exert too much pressure: ideal for the fine motor skills of the kids!

The problem with this type of marker is that they go through most types of paper, leaving the reverse of the sheet unusable… Well, taking advantage of this phenomenon, the series of coloring books “Plastifikes” comes with the image to color printed in mirror on the back of the sheet so that once painted the figure is colored “on both sides” This allows a second use of the sheets: cutting the figure we get a character with which to play and develop creativity through new stories.

This makes it possible to give a second use to the sheets: by cutting out the figure we obtain a character with which to play and develop creativity through new stories.

If we also laminate the film we will give our character more durability.

Animals and Sports is the first book in the series “Plastifikes” Figures of animals practicing their favorite sports. Here is a small sample: